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Welcome to Supreme Hotel

Your extraordinary stay begins now, where stunning views, elegant suites, and impeccable service await. Enjoy every moment of indulgence.

Our Amenities

These amenities at Supreme aim to create an unforgettable luxury experience for every guest.

Swimming Pool

Private Beach

Conference Room

Boat Tours


Discover a culinary paradise at our restaurant, where delectable flavors meet stunning vistas. Immerse yourself in a world of gastronomic delights, surrounded by panoramic vistas.


  • Durrës

    The ancient city of Durrës is at once a relaxed beach town and a historical center, home to the largest amphitheater in the Balkan Peninsula! Fittingly, the city of Durrës also houses the country’s largest Archaeological Museum which shows traces of the ancient cultures that have passed through Albania, mainly Greek and Roman.

  • Cape of Rodon

    The Cape of Rodon or Cape of Skanderbeg is a rocky cape on the Adriatic Sea north of Durrës, Albania. On the Cape is the Rodoni Castle, built by Skanderbeg in 1463 and Saint Anthony Church.

  • Bashtova Castle

    The Fortress of Bashtovë is a medieval quadrangular fortress located close to the outflow of the Shkumbin River into the Adriatic Sea in central Albania. It is part of the tentative list of Albania in order to qualify for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

People Say

Supreme Hotel, Albania, is a realm of absolute luxury. From the awe-inspiring sea-view rooms to the exquisite dining and top-notch amenities like the infinity pool and spa, every detail exudes opulence. The staff's impeccable service creates an unforgettable experience. If you crave the finest,"Supreme" is your ultimate escape

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